Rack of the Week, yes or no?

Since 2 of my most favoured developers have totally controverse opinions, I give the question to the group and the forum.

What do you think about the idea of having a “Rack of the Week” (see News of the Rack #17)?

  • I like the idea
  • it’s a terrible idea
  • it doesn’t bother me at all

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what is Rack of the Week?

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like I wrote

Can you give an example of what you have in mind?

Here my Editorial from News of the Rack #17, which should clearify all your questions.

I just saw that I am at the unbelievable number of 1610 modules. How should
one keep the overview and try out all modules? One can not do that alone,
but luckily I’m not alone and I think everyone in our great community has an
opinion on the modules and his favorite modules. And since this is always just
a snapshot, I’ve come up with the idea of choosing a rack of the week every
week. is will include the most popular modules in each division, hopefully
helping newcomers to do more easily and allowing old hands to try
something different. Such a selection is of course absolutely subjective, so I
will not make this selection alone, but let you vote on it. e categories are
based on the TAGs in the Browser module, which of course makes it
extremely important that the modules are all well tagged. Each category has,
in the spirit of the Olympic idea, a gold, a silver and a bronze medal. And
these will be awarded virtually every week and I will also publish a patch
with the winners of all divisions. And I’ll also keep a record of which module
has achieved which placements. Lots of statistics and tables, have I ever
mentioned that I like that? For the vote and evaluation, I’m still working on an
interactive PDF form.
In this start week, there will be an example of my current favorites and as
soon as the form is ready, you can choose your favorite modules.

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I think I read that. I just want an example of one of the racks. A screenshot maybe?

as I wrote, I will give an example this week


I’d call it “favourite modules of the week” — rack of the week is pretty similar to the VCP imho

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As a newcomer to modular synthesis this year, am interested in any information on individual modules, particularly to see them in action and not necessarily in a huge patch as I find that a little overwhelming. Certainly, to focus on showcasing a few modules is most interesting for me as am always on the lookout to understand procedures and methods of their use. Of course in his Tutorial Videos thread over at Music & Patches Mr Omri Cohen does just this.

How about a “Technique of the Week” anybody ? :slight_smile: