Rack not working on latest MacOS update

Has anyone tried using rack on the new MacOS update? It is not working for me.

I’m using macOS Catalina and I have very few problems. System Version: 10.15.7 Kernel Version: Darwin 19.6.0

Could you describe a bit more what is going on ? Does the app start ? Is there any error message ? Is your problem similar to some other on the forum ?

With some more detail, someone might be able to help you.

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Do you mean Big Sur?

Is VCV Rack the only program not working after the update ?

Don’t see a response to my question yet, but if you’re asking about Big Sur, it works fine on my 2018 MBP running Big Sur.

Appears to work fine on Big Sur on my 2018 MacBook Pro.

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oh I only got the notice today about upgrading my OS to Big Sur. Not sure now if I want to make the leap …

Just downloaded to Mac mini M1 with Big Sur. Working fine on initial patch and after modifying it a bit.