Rack hangs whenever filtering modules

I am working on a Mac Catalina 10.15.3 and whenever I filter modules by category or manufacturer all the module images load in then about a second later I get the spinning beach ball, and the application won’t respond. Any ideas? Here’s my log file if it helps:


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This has happened to me recently. The culprits were plugins, ones that were NOT included in the Plugin Library. Removing and updating them fixed it.

Do you have anything that is not in the Plugin Library (external purchases, source code builds etc) ?

Plugins? I don’t use any modules other than those provided by the VCV Rack library. I have noticed it hangs primarily when i load up the sequencers category, so I suspect one of the modules in that category is the culprit, but I don’t know which one or why it’s causing the app to crash.

How long a module takes to load in the library depends on how graphics-heavy the faceplate is and how the developers implement their widgets. But even a well-optimized module will take a fair bit of time to render.

One of my modules is among the slowest to load in the library, but I’ve been waiting to see if we’re going to get thumbnail caching in V2 before I add too much custom logic to hide things from the browser.

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How long should a large SVG file take to load? I let the app hang for well over an hour, and still had to force it to quit. It’s definitely a module in the sequencer category. I’m still trying to narrow it down to the culprit. It would be nice if the log file reported a failed load status, but from what I’ve looked over in the log I cannot tell which module might be causing a graphic loading hang up.

I use sequencers often, so this is a huge setback for my production process.

Your log stops at AS so this would be a good place to start, filter by brand starting with AS and see what happens there!

Okay. I was able to uninstall all freebies in my library, but how do I uninstall purchased libraries, as I bought AS’s Seqs n Tools, and there is no way to uninstall from the library.

You have to go into the <Your Rack directory>/plugins/ folder, and then delete the folder for the plugin you want to remove.

By “long to load”, I meant my “slow” module takes about a second to render, instead of milliseconds, lol. If the module browser isn’t done rendering in 20 seconds the first time you load it, or takes as long on subsequent uses in the same session, something’s definitely wrong.

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Okay found the culprit. ZZC Phaseque sequencer is causing Rack to hang. I guess I should follow up with that developer. Dang! Really enjoy using that sequencer too.

Anyone know how I can go about reporting this stuff without having to jump through GitHub hoops? I am not a developer, so forgive my ignorance on this.

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Glad you found it. OK here on Win 10.

Yeah on my Windows machine I do not experience the same issue. I narrowed it down by adding each sequencer module one-by-one, and when I went to delete the ZZC Phaseque sequencer the tooltip menu came up but then Rack just froze.

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The best thing to do here is contact the developer. Not sure what you mean about GitHub hoops you just register an account and post an issue!?

The developers email address is on GitHub zezic51@yandex.ru

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