Rack freezes when I quit it

My issue that just started happening a few days ago, is VCV rack works fine, but when you try to close it, it freezes. Every single time

What does the log say?

When it started happening, had you introduced a new module into your system? Does if freeze if you quit from a totally blank patch?


The log doesnt show anything about any errors or a crash, but everytime I close it, even from a blank patch, it freezes.

Ohhhhhhhh Its MSM modules. The culprit. I closed out all the MSM, and now I can close VCV without a problem. Damn, I liked those modules too

You could log a bug report with MSM, but I’m not sure there’s any activity there. I see there are two bugs just sitting there, one logged by me about how much Aliasing all his VCO’s have. https://github.com/netboy3/MSM-vcvrack-plugin/issues

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It wasnt MSM, problem happened again with other modules. I have no idea why this is happening.