Rack Crashing with audio assignments out

I have been using VCV for just under a year now, I do not have many modules but i have been creating. The issue i am having is that recently whenever i try to change the output VCV crashes and even with only having an output module it still crashes, I have reinstalled it but same issue still occurs. ASIO 4 all connects but there is no sound and it refuses to switch to my interface outputs. Please help

I have this too on mac but not always…


It would help if you supply more details, such as:

  1. What operating system are you using
  2. What are the specs of your computer (CPU, RAM, etc)
  3. Attach a minimal patch example for which this problem occurs
  4. What exactly are you doing when it crashes

Otherwise, its almost impossible to help with this.

Also post your log file, found in your rack user folder

FAQ — VCV Rack documentation

By far the most important thing. post your log file.


I am running windows 10 and i have 8gb ram and an i5, the issues have recently occured and occur with the most simplest build. Previously I have done much more complex builds with no issues at all.

I would try to uninstall ASIO4all and see if VCV works then. Then I would try to install ASIO4all again.

I have best experience with the FL Studio ASIO driver, for me it works much better than the ASIO4all driver.

I would also delete the settings-v1.json and the autosave-v1.vcv files and start VCV then.

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