Rack crashes after opening this patch

Not sure what is going with a patch I have assembled, It crashed Rack after about 1.45 mins, I have tried it with and without MIDI-CV connected to my Midi keyboard. It’s not a complex or large patch. Confused! Here’s a screenshot of the patch and the resulting memory reference:

Add N to X Stylee. set up+crashed|690x330

For 1 thing you have 2 audio 8 modules in this patch.

From the manual :


Note: Using multiple Audio modules is experimental and may crash Rack or render unstable audio. Most DAWs avoid this feature entirely by restricting audio to a single input and a single output device for stability reasons, but if using multiple audio devices in Rack works with your configuration, more power to you!

Try removing the bottom one.

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It probably is the audio interfaces, but quite often the VCV log file will tell you what crashed.

Thanks for that! I’ll try getting rid of the bottom one. That had not even registered. Hopefully that should do it. Much appreciated…

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