Rack crash when loadind a patch

Hello I use this patch already few month (and the last time yesterday), I didn’t change anything on it and today it is impossible to open it :rack is crashing. Somebody can help me with this?


Can you explain a little bit more?

What OS are you on?


log.txt (46.2 KB)

Navigate to Documents/Rack there will be a log.txt file here. Copy and paste the log text surround with ``` or drag the log.txt into a reply.

If Rack is opened again after a crash it can overwrite the log. I don’t see anything in your log that suggests a crash. Can you upload again but this time post the log after the crash occurs.

Also was the patch a download or did you create it from scratch.

It’s a patch I create few month ago and I use it often

log.txt (28.4 KB)

reboot the pc and open vcv rack first, try it without running any other program

Might not be a need to reboot but if there is any programs open using any midi devices in Rack this can cause a crash. But it should be in the log. No harm in trying though.

I reboot but it is still the same…

here is the patch

loperohunt_light.vcv (332.2 KB)

Is there any other programs opened and using the midi devices?

No I have just vcv

did you try if you can open the patch?

Opens okay, but there is some modules I do not have Southpole and Mental. If this doesn’t crash then either of these may be the cause loperohunt_light_missingmodules.vcv (207.0 KB)

it is working : I download the patch I just send you and it’s working… Strange… thanks a lot for the help and have a nice day.

Right but this doesn’t fix the issue, there is something crashing. Southpole is not on the plugin manager so I’d suggest contacting whoever did the port of this to v1. @netboy3 I think

Do you mean the patch you uploaded is now working?

yes the patch I upload