Rack and Digitone

Had several @Omri_Cohen Moments yesterday (“Oooooohhhh yeahhhh”) after figuring out how to implement my Digitone and Digitakt with VCV Rack.

My intention was to find a way how to use Reverbs like Plateau and Delays like Chronoblob with my Gear (Digitone, Digitakt, Mother-32 and Eurorack).

VCV rack combines all these pieces of equipment in a wonderful way. The only thin I needed to add were the Host Modules by Andrew. Quite worth the price.

Ohhhhh yeah!


Oh i’m just about to get myself a Digitone, can’t wait to try this ! :smile:


Oh sweet! So the overbridge works with Host?

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Yes, it works quite stable and I love to combine those Geodesics Modules with the Digitone.


Here is a little demo :slight_smile:

(no Geodesics yet - but with Digitone’s Arpeggiator. Sound went through a compressor afterwards)


I was planning to wait a few more weeks before getting mine, but i think i’ll go the shop tomorrow and order it if they don’t have one in stock :slight_smile:

Thanks for the demo !


u r very welcome - enjoy your digitone. I love that little box :slight_smile:

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I can’t figure it out, Is it possible to have individual output for each voice in VCV? Thanks!

Great Idea. I have a Digitone too, but never thought about sequencing it with VCV and Geodesics modules. Definitely will try that out.

Just tested that. Seems that the HOST FX module grabs each of the four tracks seperately. With the small HOST module Digitone returns the sum.

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Oh nice! Going to try it on analog four! thanks!!

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Still stuck with Grid SEQ - at this moment I have four instances of each CLOCKED and GRID SEQ running. One for each track in the Digitone. I think I could do most of that within the Digitone too - but it is much easier and more flexible this way.

I did not make much use of overbridge till now. Unfortunately I updated to Catalina, so to try it out I will have to wait until Elektron releases a compatible version.

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I hear you :slight_smile: Updated two Macs to Catalina. They are both back on Mojave now… Didn’t work for me.

Sooooorrrryy - had an error in my patch. CH1 and CH2 still give you the sum. So you have the sum and three tracks available. Sorry for that.

Does anyone know a workaround to achieve more channels on HOST FX?

I manage to get all 4 voices to indiv outputs with a thing I did inside analog4. So, I removed all voices to be send to the fx bus and all voices routed to the main bus except the last voice… so the sum now is the last voice and the rest will output as usual

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Great - I will see if I can do something similar in the Digitone Plugin.

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My Digitone just arrived home ! once i’ll be comfortable with it i will introduce it to VCV haha. This thread arrived at the perfect moment for me :smile:


Hello, On my side I use my Digitakt with overbridge and VCV (without host, directly from the Audio and Mici to CV modules). It is for me the perfect combo as I can use:

  • The 8 mono sampler track independently (Fx + Mixer Group from VCV)
  • 2 audio in for external gear (one for my Modal Skulpt and the other one for mono synths)
  • The 8 midi track to sequence VCV and external gear.
  • Keystep to control everything from the Digitakt

It is a hell of a small setup and I never had any problem with Overbridge beta stability…


sounds quite cool - never considered pluggin my analog gear into the Digitakt. Should try that :slight_smile:

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