Rack 2 updated to 2.03 but Ableton still sees the first one?

I have Rack 2 working fine in Ableton except the update doesn’t take. The stand alone is version 2.0.3 but the one Ableton opens is 2.0.2. I have removed the 2.0.2 .dll files and put the 2.0.3 where those used to be. When I try to update the program from within the help file while it’s open as a vst in Ableton, it simply downloads the update and the standalone, not the vst. What might I try?

Edit - aaaand after doing it several times, I must have done something different and it has installed as a vst properly in Ableton. Apologies for wasting the space. I’d like to be able to at least pass along something I learned but - maybe next time!