Rack 2 Module Browser Zoomable? If not, please make it so!

I find it kinda hard in Rack 1 to select a module from the browser and I saw that Rack 2 is basically released in a few days. On the teaser video I saw that the module browser was reworked and I hope it is now zoomable, so that I can recognize the modules better.

Can someone confirm if it is or not and if not, please let devs know to make it? (Improvement Suggestion)

Also, where can I test the Alpha/Beta version of Rack 2?

Here are the latest v2 builds, and the module browser does have different zoom settings:

you can zoom from 25% to 200%

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Wow that was fast. Thank you so much!

I don’t know if you already knew but, while you/we wait for V2, you can use in V1, MB from Stoermelder. Once you place it in your rack/patch, it will give you the ability to zoom in the browser.


Thanks, I managed to compile the Rack V2 community edition from sources