Rack 2: error: 'filename' is not a member of 'rack::string'

I’m starting to migrate my modules to 2.0. Here’s my first stumper. Anyone know the solution to this off-hand?

src/Common/sample.hpp:110:36: error: 'filename' is not a member of 'rack::string'
  110 |     this->filename = rack::string::filename(path);

Use system::getFilename().

Wonderful! Everything compiled!! Here were two other things that I needed to change:

Before: std::list<std::string> dirList = system::getEntries(path);
After: std::vector<std::string> dirList = system::getEntries(path);

And …

Before: rack::string::filenameExtension(entry)
After: system::getExtension(entry)