Rack 2.2 Pro VST

I"m having trouble getting Rack send midi nots to Live Lite 11. Works great with my Reason. Problem: I can’t set VCV Rack in the Midi from Section that defaults to Post FX. Any Ideas? I created a midi track, added VCV, created a midi track added reason…

I’m on MacOS Ventura. any ideas how to solve that?


CV-MIDI doesn’t work for me in Bitwig either.

try this setting ? works here Live lite 11/ Mojave

Windows 11 and Ableton live suite 11.2.6 here.

VCV Rack Pro 2.2.0 vst plugin in track 1 track 2 is a midi track

VCV VST2 in track 1 shows these options in track 2:

VCV VST3 in track 1 shows these options in track 2:
only midi from the track - not from the plugin (A bug!)

@nay-seven you using VCV Rack Pro 2.2.0 vst3 or vst2 ?

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VST3 didn’t even come to my mind there would be a difference. Thanks for the hint

Hmm… is that a bug? @Vortico

He doesn’t do support in the forums - I have mailed support@vcvrack.com.

Okay thanks. I was just about to submit a support request. Then I will just skip it and wait. Works for now with VST2

VST2 here, i confirm VST 3 don’t offer the good option, and AU crash Live… :upside_down_face:

This might, or might not be related, but I’ve noticed in Studio One the VST3 does not allow multiple midi channel inputs. It’s not such a big issue for me because the VST2 works fine. It could also be the DAW. Just thought I’d mention it …

Fixed in 2.2.1 (rack2pro 2.2.0 vst3 did not send midi in Ableton.)



Hi I am having this exact problem - the second drop down menu (the one on the lower right in this illustration) will not display VCV Rack 2 as an option, only pre and post FX. I’m working with a just-purchased version of VCV Rack Pro and a just-downloaded version of Ableton. The VCV Rack plugin is showing up as an AUv2 plugin, in case that might be related somehow? Any help DEEPLY appreciated as this very feature is why I wanted to upgrade. Thank you!

use the contact form here

to get in touch with VCV support.

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it’s easy: if you are on apple silicon M1/M2 it doesnt work! If does with the beta buiild but then you don’t have any plugins, but just the standard plugins. So you need to wait until they finally have proper builds of plugins silicon. Which probably will take forever.

UPDATE: Just checked. It should work now as the download of 2.4.1 has a specific build for arm64