Rack 2.2 Pro VST

I"m having trouble getting Rack send midi nots to Live Lite 11. Works great with my Reason. Problem: I can’t set VCV Rack in the Midi from Section that defaults to Post FX. Any Ideas? I created a midi track, added VCV, created a midi track added reason…

I’m on MacOS Ventura. any ideas how to solve that?


CV-MIDI doesn’t work for me in Bitwig either.

try this setting ? works here Live lite 11/ Mojave

Windows 11 and Ableton live suite 11.2.6 here.

VCV Rack Pro 2.2.0 vst plugin in track 1 track 2 is a midi track

VCV VST2 in track 1 shows these options in track 2:

VCV VST3 in track 1 shows these options in track 2:
only midi from the track - not from the plugin (A bug!)

@nay-seven you using VCV Rack Pro 2.2.0 vst3 or vst2 ?

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VST3 didn’t even come to my mind there would be a difference. Thanks for the hint

Hmm… is that a bug? @Vortico

He doesn’t do support in the forums - I have mailed support@vcvrack.com.

Okay thanks. I was just about to submit a support request. Then I will just skip it and wait. Works for now with VST2

VST2 here, i confirm VST 3 don’t offer the good option, and AU crash Live… :upside_down_face:

This might, or might not be related, but I’ve noticed in Studio One the VST3 does not allow multiple midi channel inputs. It’s not such a big issue for me because the VST2 works fine. It could also be the DAW. Just thought I’d mention it …

Fixed in 2.2.1 (rack2pro 2.2.0 vst3 did not send midi in Ableton.)