Rack 2.0.2 changes

Some Windows users with ASIO installed were struggling but I wasn’t clear on the details as I couldn’t verify. Glad to hear it seems to be resolved and if you have any further issues bugs/crashes can be reported at VCV - Support

Same for me on Mac and the Waveform Free DAW and also in Reaper.

Ah, good to know. Sad but good to have confirmed. Hope it’ll be fixed.

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I’m very close to buying VCV Rack 2 Pro - I use Cubase Pro 11 on Windows 10. Bit concerned someone here said they can’t use it in Cubase - why not?

my understanding is that Rack is currently VST2 only and Steinberg have said with the next version of Cubase they will no longer support VST2, only VST3. They’re trying to get the market to move away from VST 2, but it’s going to be a pretty unpopular move as VST3 breaks some stuff that people used to get certain functionality in their plugins.

But, my understanding is there will be a VCV VST3 at some point, possibly AU too, just wasn’t on release day.

Edit: It will only affect users on native Apple Silicon

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This ?

or this ?

Well I’m in no hurry to update Cubase to 12 - it’ll be at least a year - and maybe by then - IF I want to update then a VST3 will be available. THanks for the info.

Where did you see Steinberg say this? This seems highly unlikely.

No. Rack has always been 64 bits. There has never been any 32 bit software from VCV that I know of.

sorry I half remembered it, it only applies to Cubase on native Apple Silicon such as the M1 cpu

Yet another reason I’m glad I’m on Windows! :muscle:

Cubase 11 is saying that VCV 2 vst is a 32bit plugin…