Rack 2.0.2 changes

From the installed CHANGELOG.html

2.0.2 (2021-12-06)

  • Turn off lights if module is bypassed.
  • Fix Font and Image not loading UTF-8 filenames on Windows.
  • Fix plugins not loading if their fallback alias exists.
  • Fix crash when sometimes unsetting audio interface on Mac.
  • Rack Pro
    • Save/restore plugin window size in patch.
    • Fix crash on scan in Renoise.

Nice, I like the bypass lights. I’ll have to revisit renoise, didn’t have much luck with it at first so should be fun it’s working now.

Is the 64Bit -Version gone?

Cant use the Rack in Cubase anymore.

Greetings Cheba


I don’t know what Cubase is doing. Do you need to rescan plugins?

You can check your plugin manager if the plugin is ‘blacklisted’. There you can remove it from the blacklist so it will be available to use. (It does warn you about it though but for me it works nonetheless.)

Great! I hope this fixes the issues I’ve reported. I often forget about this and unplug my headphones which then hangs or crashes Rack.

Just tried it. It still hangs after I remove my headphones and then attempt to select another device, unfortunately. I’ll keep waiting. :slight_smile:

This should remember the size of the VST plugin window after unfocusing? If so, that’s not working on OSX. Every time I open the VST window after opening another instrument channel in the same project it resizes to its default state, which is quite small.

Using Bitwig on both Mac intel and M1.



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Must be a Mac thing as I just tried 2.0.2 in Bitwig on Win 10 and it worked, remembered window position and size fine.

There is a different bug on Windows I know about and have logged with support which is that the cf Label doesn’t seem to allow right click to add label text. Andrew said he knew it was some issue related to right click menus in Windows.

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it allows right click but does not actually activate editing text as it used to. Verified on windows 10

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Can confirm that remembering the VST position and size is only working on Windows, not Mac.

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Working on Linux as well

After reinstalling 2.0.2 it is working within Cubase. I guess i did something wrong. Sorry for the trouble.

FX VST unusable in Ableton 11. Crashes the DAW and Ableton hides the plug-in on relaunch. Not fixed by moving the VST out and re-scanning.

Are you on Mac or Windows because I’m using it on Mac here.

I also just discovered this… Windows 10 w/ Ableton Live 11.0.12 and Rack 2 Pro 2.0.2

FX vst crashes Live during VST2 scan process on startup. Removing the FX vst dll file from the vst plugin folder and relaunching Live works. Re-adding the FX vst dll and rescanning plugins from Live settings will cause Live to crash.

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Do you have beta builds of VCV installed? Also what audio driver are you using?

I cannot replicate these problems with exactly the same versions.

Try removing your Rack 2 plugins directory and letting Rack redownload them all again.

Nope I cleaned everything out once Rack 2 was released and started fresh.

Live just decided to boot without issue just now, but odd that for several times in a row just now Live crashed. I cant find any error in the Live log files it creates in its crash reports either.

I tried one more time just now and Live started like it should with the Rack 2 and FX vsts in place.

Edit - audio driver in Live is ASIO and i have a Komplete Audio 6

  1. Ableton 11.0.11 didn’t start when I upgraded to Rack 2.0.2.
  2. not on the second start either.
  3. but third time, it started. and has been starting with no problems since.
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