Rack 1.0 issues

(Phil Golden) #62

Should I not be? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Andrew Belt) #63

You should be, except of course with the extra step of git checkout v1. You should run git submodule update --init --recursive somewhere in the Rack git repo directory on your computer.

(Phil Golden) #64

Grand, looks like that’s the one now cheers!

Question on make -j$(nproc) is that physical cores? Iv’e 4 physical 4 threaded will the work be spread over 8 if I do -j8. Iv’e being doing -j4, 8 works but not sure if that is spread over 8 cores.

(Andrew Belt) #65

Best results are to use the number of logical cores. Since compiling is trivially parallelizable, hyperthreading is beneficial.

(Phil Golden) #66

Right so, thanks again.

Would you think tooltip to show would be much better if it displays on hover on a small delay (1 - 1.5 secs after mouse hover/leave). Of course moving a parameter would display the value immediately. I think it would be what users expect from tooltip behaviour.

Think I prefer reset parameter on right click, would it be possible to be able to double click to get keyboard input, that would be very nice!

(Andrew Belt) #67

Tooltip delay is annoying.

Double-click is a great idea actually. But I’m going to switch those around and map Initialize to double-click and right-click to launch the context menu (which includes value entry and other future settings).

(Phil Golden) #68

Really, I find it is easier to ignore when there is a delay on a tooltip. Subjective I suppose.

Zooming in on the rack is causing black flashing on the empty parts of the rack is this a known issue?

(Andrew Belt) #69

The RackRails widget will be cleaned up a bit to avoid this problem, but I know what you mean.

(Christoph) #70

Two issues:

  1. Rack does not start up maximized on my Windows 4K laptop.

Root cause:

window.cpp, l. 213:


Setting this Window hint will cause the following function to have no effect per the glfw documentation, therefore the app window is not maximized:

window.hpp, l. 259


Commenting out the window hint, the app window starts up correctly maximized. As far as I saw, the window hint is new in v1. I am not sure why this does not work on Windows. Neither on Linux nor on Mac the window hint is a problem.

  1. There is an issue with the pixel ratio on 4K displays (again).

This is probably related to what we found last time in Rack issue #89.

Here is how I can make it work:


pixelRatio = std::round(pixelRatio);


pixelRatio = 0.5 * std::round(pixelRatio);

and everything looks normal (and works, i.e. mouse coordinates etc).

pixelRatio is 2 on my machine (Windows 10, 4K display). Per the code above it would have to be 1?

Does that make sense?

(Phil Golden) #71

It always starts maximised on mine (win7) until moved then defaults. 1080p.

(Christoph) #72

I think this is a Windows 10 thing. We had those issues on 0.6 before.

(Phil Golden) #73

Was suggestion that it might be. Windows 10 has a compatibility mode for windows 7 iirc, though I’m not sure how you would run in comparability from make.

To get to compatibility mode you right click on an icon > Properties > Compatibility tab

(Alfonso Santimone) #74

Rack 1.0 compiles here on Win10 64bit (i7 7700k 4 cores - 8 virtual) . Freeze with ASIO driver (no audio out). It hangs and crash if i try to change ASIO buffer or change driver. It’s just me? Any other Win10 user can confirm?

(Phil Golden) #75

Iv’e gotten a couple of blue screens with previous versions of rack 0.6.1 and 0.6.2c when changing the Asio buffer on a focusrite 2i4. I’m putting down to the audio driver (not the first time it has happened and not only with rack, also a Reason 10 Beta). Think mine may have something to do with not registering the application to the driver or something like that. Happens if it is a new install of rack and I’m afraid to test v1.0 now so just use windows drivers. Seems to happen if there is audio passing through the buffer (other app sounds or otherwise) after it blue screens I can’t reproduce! Contacted focusrite and they say its not their fault. :roll_eyes:

On windows 7 btw.

(Andrew Belt) #76

This thread has turned into a giant unmanageable bug report thread, so I have closed it. See https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ.html#i-found-a-bug for reporting bugs.

(Andrew Belt) closed #77