Quick question about automation

Probably a stupid question but, how do I automate a knob with no input? For like sample and hold on a random knob that doesn’t typically accept that type of stuff.

Sorry if this is the wrong spot.

Thank you!

It’s a fine spot. The VCV MIDI Map is a straight-forward way to do it. Soon ppl will say “there are better ways but they aren’t in the library”. And they will be correct, too.

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Squinky tell the truth, there is a good module to do the job, but still not available in the library, it’s UMap from Stoermelder and you can find it here : Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub. (i let you find how to install, it’s very easy.)

But i find an another solution with VCV MIDI Map and VCV CV MIDI CC :


It’s a bit compliqued compare to UMap, but it’s work !