question re: plugins in Library but not in browser


I purchased licenses for the Entrian and Kilpatrick premium plugins, both of which are listed in the current Library. However, they’re not showing up as updatable plugins in the Rack browser. This is for Mac arm64, so I assume the plugins simply haven’t been updated ? Can anyone clarify ? TIA!

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That’s most likely the issue. To be sure, ask Entriran and Kilpatrick, respectively, what their Mac ARM plans are.

It’s unfortunate that the library provides no indication of platform availability. Someone should contact VCV Support and request that feature for the Library site, because it could save people a lot of confusion and trouble (even if in theory someday all modules will be available on Mac ARM).


I reached out to Entrian and Andrew Kilpatrick. Andrew replied quickly, an update is definitely planned. Haven’t heard from Entrian yet.

The Entrian plugins will be available for arm64 real soon now. :slight_smile:


The Entrian plugins for arm64 are now in the Library!


Thanks Richie!