Question on ZetaCarinae WeebleWarbler's CPU needs

I know it’s not fair to compare apples to oranges but is ZetaCarinae WeebleWarbler expected to be this CPU hungry?

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It’s about 7% on my PC win 10 but still very high.

That looks like a fairly complex module, so it may be apples to oranges. Also, most dev’s don’t bother to make their modules efficient. When I used to make modules I spent a lot of time on that. Demo/ at main · squinkylabs/Demo · GitHub

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It’s using about 11% on my Windows system from 2014. I suspect the culprit is the call to std::pow in the inner loop. I wonder if the inner loop could be changed to use SIMD code… :thinking:

edit :looks like the call to random::normal() is more likely to be worst the bottleck, as that does sqrt, log and sin in its implementation. Maybe a sufficiently long look up table could be substituted for the normally distributed random numbers. edit2 : Yeah, using a lookup table for that about halves the CPU usage of the module.

Maybe someone will make an improved version, or the original author will speed it up. Here are some ancient notes from when I cloned Fundamental VCO-1 (version 0.6) and made it much faster: SquinkyVCV-main/ at master · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main · GitHub

That was a very popular VCO, but Fundamental VCO 1 was completely re-done for 1.0, making it quite fast. At that point I semi-deprecated mine.