Question on Xtrtn Splitteburst inputs

So just to start with this: the basic concept of this burst module is clear.

But what’s that STEP input?! And the GATE and TOGGLE inputs are basically the same, aren’t they?

Gate/Toggle/Steps and On/Off are different ways of turning the burst on and off. They can be used simultaneously but I recommend experimenting with them one-at-a-time first.

Using only the gate input, there will only be a burst while the gate input is recieving a gate signal.

Using only the toggle input, whether or not there is a burst will alternate each time the toggle input recieves a trigger signal. So the first trigger will start the burst, the second trigger will end the burst, a third trigger will start the burst again, etc. This is the equivalent of alternating between triggering the On and Off inputs.

While the module is bursting, there is a variable counting the number of times the Step-Input has been triggered. After a certain number of triggers, the burst will end. This number of triggers is determined by the STEPS parameter, and it can be adjusted with the attached CV input. I don’t remember how this behaves while recieving a gate input, but these rules will definitely take effect if you’re activating the bursts by the toggle or on/off inputs.

This is one of my early and weirdly-designed modules, which I should probably redesign one day.

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Thanks @Extratone! I don’t see myself replacing your Ichneumonid in my patches in the near future. It works way too well for bursts.

But I experiment some more with Splittleburst to see what it’s best at. :wink: