Question on Submarine's AG-202

I thought that the two Submarine modules will give me a similar output. But AG-202 behaves differently than AG-104.

What did I miss?

Test Submarine AGs.vcvs (5.6 KB)

Even if I fill all four inputs the output socket of AG-202 is silent.

“And” gate needs all inputs high to trigger. ag-104 only has 2 inputs per channel; ag-202 needs all 4 input signals to be high.

It looks like a bug to me - the upper 4 work as expected.

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Your are right. There’s a difference between the upper & downer section of AG-202.

I have opened an issue here:

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Thanks will fix asap. This affests the OG-202 and the XG-202 also

Both the upper and lower gates are wired to the upper output.