Question on sequencer syncing in v2.0.2

Testing VCV Rack Free 2.0.2 under Win10 I am a bit confused. Feeding various sequencers (Voxglitch Digital Sequencer, TRG, StochSeq4, Seq3) with the same clock (see red) and the same reset (see yellow) pulse I receive slightly different results.

Does anyone have a similarly strange result? Is it only my machine?

Test seq reset.vcv (3.9 KB)

as far as I know there has never been a standard behavior for reset on sequencers. There was a long discussion here somewhere a long while back.

There is a specific module to fix that I have it installed and running : RCM Seq Adapter.

The dev has ported them to v2 but there are no binaries yet and has not yet been submitted to library. If you are OK building plugins, I have a build running here on windows 10 that works fine as far as lightly tested. No full set of tests have been performed so there may be crashes and such, as with all self built plugins.

Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look at RCM Seq Adapter. (It is the one, isn’t it?)

But probably I’ll wait till it gets to the library. Till then I enjoy the “analog charm” of my setup. :slight_smile:

yes, that is the one indeed, was just about to add a link to his github.

Always better to wait, hopefully soon.

BTW> Here is a meta thread about this very issue: Impromptu Clocked: coming changes and call for discussion

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Hi @FiroLFO One of the reasons this does not work is because the sequencers react differently to the reset trigger. Two of them reset after next pulse/beat/clock and two of them reset immediately. This will always be a problem when you try to sync multiple sequencers. I corrected your Test seq, see if you can figure out why it’s working like it should now :blush:

Test seq reset rev1.vcv (4.4 KB)