Question on resizeable modules

I’ve just realized that having @carbon14 's handy TD-316 module in a patch may mess up my rack layout.

Is it some general limitation of resizeable modules?

Before closing VCV Rack v2.0.3

After re-opening VCV Rack v2.0.3 (note the space between HexSeq and TD-316)

Cheers, Andras

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I’ve seen a similar thing happen with the VCV blank - so perhaps so. It might be a bug in Rack.

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The VCV blank is behaving quite nicely, but I made the TD-316 “jump” over a module :

Before :

After reopening :

must be a bug :smiley: @carbon14

Oh, nice one! I didn’t know the VCV blank was also resizable.

What about with VCV blanks having a left and a right neighbour?

No problem whatsoever , it does not jump or move any modules.(On my PC Win10)

:smiley: This is madness

On my machine before closing VCV Rack

After re-opening VCV Rack

I’m not going to submit a bug report as I’m still on v2.0.3 (Win)

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In my case 2.0.4 only the 316 jumped up. :blush:

That seems like different behavior that your first report? That jumping up a row? I think we are all seeing that width of the submarine wrong, but that jumping rows is odd. But I know submarine comes around here often, so will probably see this thread and fix it anyway :wink:

This is interesting.

When Rack 2 was still in beta I reported his bug in the vcv blank and it worked around the issue with my resizable modules.

It was eventually fixed in rack 2.0.4 (possibly 3). I wonder if the fix in rack has broken my workaround.

I’ll have to investigate


Looks like my workaround is fine, but for some reason I didn’t apply it to the TD-316. The TD-410, TD-510 and WM-101 are working.

Just fixing TD-316 now, and it should be in the library in a few days


I do remember Andrew saying, quite some time ago, that resizable modules are not, and wouldn’t be officially supported, and he did not recommend making or using them. What the status is I don’t know.

Well he might have said that. But the VCV Core blanking plate is and always has been resizable.

I do know that v0.6 supported vertical sizing, and there were a number of double height modules. These were unsupported from v1.0 onwards.