question on Hora Delay and AS BPMcalc

I’d like to save some CPU by dropping AS BPMcalc. I see clearly that the delay time I need is 395ms (or 2.53hz) but I don’t know how to set the TIME knob of Hora Delay? 0.25?

Could you please advise?

Yes I hate having to tune a delay unit by ear. You could see what voltage the BPMcalc is putting out by using a scope, and replace it with an 8vert or another fixed voltage source.


From what i hear this module will have a very cool update for V2, it will have clock input and actual 1v/o input on the time parameter.

Giving it the well deserved attention!


Ah, that’s right! So obvious.

I chose this one and it works perfectly.

Thank you @auretvh!

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Sounds interesting! But knowing my late-adopter-attitude I probably will use VCV Rack v1.1.6 for a long time. :slight_smile:


Perfectly understandable!

Also take a look at Submarine it has some fixed voltage modules, that are at specific tone intervals :slight_smile:

SS-212 and SS-208 are constantly in my rack.

But SS-221 doesn’t get much love here.

And SS-220 is just too big.


alikins modules are crystal clear…or maybe they “was” :disappointed_relieved:

Yes. Im going to miss Alkins. The first 2 modules I load in any patch, VCV Scope and Alkins Specific Value.

lol just realized that it was supposed to be “they were”, not “was” :man_facepalming: