question: is there a "StemMixer" module?

Idea: mixer that could record and export all tracks as individual stems for daw producing, composing, and processing.

I have just been thinking about the way I’d want to work with vcv into my daw, and I think that the most seamless way for me to do this would be to record the pieces. I have only done minimal searching around the library, but if a mixer that could record and export all tracks as individual stems existed this workflow would be so much better/easier than recording part by part or altogether.

Mindmeld lets you send all your tracks out polyphonicly and Nysthi has a recorder that takes a polyphonic signal. That’s how most people do it. There’s probably more details in another thread.

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I moderated the title, as there is a already a solution and it fits better to the topic.


thanks to both!

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Does anyone know if there is a setting to set the meters to display the levels of the poly direct outs from the mindmeld mixer? I don’t think there is, or I didn’t recognize it. I have noticed that the levels can look fine in the mixer but clip in the recorder and if I record at 24/96 my computer is too slow to do it in real time and I don’t notice all the clipping until later. As a work around I used a row of meters from nysthi when playing around with the patch in lower resolution although it is slightly annoying to have all these.

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It depends on your Direct Outs settings in the global settings menu. There are 4 options:

• Pre-insert (post-gain)

• Pre-fader (post-insert)

• Post-fader

• Post-mute/solo (default)

In Post-fader or Post-mute/solo mode then the VU meters will display the levels that are being sent to the direct outs, so if you are not seeing clipping on the VUs, you should not be getting any clipping in the poly recording in those modes.

In the first 2 modes the signal is being sent to the direct outs before it hits the meters so they cannot show the levels. However you could use the Pre-fader (post insert) direct out setting then use the VU meters on EQ Master to check the levels on the insert chain.

Pro Tip - its always a good idea to use the gain adjustment settings (+/- 20dB) in the track menus for level balancing before you start moving any faders around - this way you can balance your signal levels and then just use the faders for mix levelling once signals are gain staged. This is particularly useful if you want to use the pre-insert direct out setting as this setting is post-gain. So if you have a hot signal coming into the mixer, you can take the gain down and see what it looks like on the VUs (with the fader at default 0dB position) to ensure you are not getting any clipping on that signal before you start mixing - if you do that then even using the pre-insert direct out setting should not lead to any clipped poly recordings.

Also worth bearing in mind is that MM track VUs are calibrated to 5V = 0db (as opposed to the Master track where 10V = 0dB in hard clip mode). This means that you have 6dB of built in headroom on tracks as clipping will not actually occur until a track VU hits +6dB (10V).

In the global settings menu of Poly recorder, you have the option to attenuate the inputs by -6, -12 or -24 dB which can also help with clipping issues.


Thank you for that useful info, @Steve

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And, fwiw, there are plenty of other mixers that have per-track outputs. That’s what people did before Mind-Meld.

as you say: “… before MindMeld” :wink: