Question about sound design on Autechre's song feed1


I really like the low base sound on Autechre’s feed1 track that’s most pronounced at about 1:45. How do you think that it was made? Here my my guesses:

  1. A single gritty oscillator put through one or more filters (bandpass, notch, or something).
  2. Maybe vocoder output using non-voice carrier and modulator sounds
  3. The name “feed” maybe implies a feedback of some type

Any ideas?


I think some PWM and some filters could get close. I don’t know how they do it, but I made a fairly bad attempt:

@outofnowhere Thanks! That’s awesome. I wonder if we should start a thread on the Patches forum called “Recreate this sound”? People could post examples for others to try and reproduce? Ha ha ha. Could be pretty fun. I’ll try my hand at feed1 synth myself soon. I’m going to approach it a little differently.