Question about 3:1 section of AI Multiples

Hi! I have a doubt that I hope you can help me solve. From MI Links manual:

3:1 section

This section acts as an averager. The three signals sent to each of the IN inputs are mixed together, with a gain of 1/3 applied to the mix. It is particularly useful for mixing audio signals without causing clipping.

I tried with 3 fundamental Vco, connecting the saw output of each of them respectively to input 1,2 and 3 and the summed signal coming from Multiples output still clipping. From what I see the module mixed together 3 full signals instead of reduce each to 1/3. Did I miss something?

Greetings, Pietro

Beats me. I get the same results.

Whether it’s a steady, fixed CV (with output measured by NYSTHI’s Volt Meter, or several varieties of noise and/or sine waves measured by Submarine’s VM-202, the output of the Audible Instruments’ Multiples 3:1 section adds together for me (just like with the 2:2 section). And a single signal does not get reduced to 1/3.

Could it be that the docs are only true for the hardware version of the module, “Links”?

I did find this, in Multiples third section does not work like Links · Issue #123 · VCVRack/AudibleInstruments · GitHub

bjoerwibben commented on Sep 5, 2022

In Links the last section is not a simple mixer as in the vcv rack version, it’s a 3-input mixer with a gain of 1/3rd per channel (like an averager) for audio and CV.

Would be nice and useful if this can be fixed. […snip]

I’m assuming that in the first paragraph he’s saying how it’s supposed to work, not how it actually behaves for him. So I guess it’s not a new thing, and it’s not just us.

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Hi and thank you for confirming the bug, if so we can call it! I hope that the vcv version was designed to faithfully reproduce the hardware and therefore section 3:1 is not just a simple mixer and that soon will be fixed.

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