Quantum Multiverse memory read jacks not working

Hiya all,

Forgive me if this has been tackled but I’m trying to use the ML Modules 1-8 switch to drive the read memory jacks on Quantum Multiverse and it isn’t working. In fact no sequential switches are working for me presently. I hooked the clock straight in and it receives the signal but not via switches. I also can toggle through the memory manually but that’s not gonna cut it.

Any one have any ideas what might be afoot?


~ josh

Hard to tell without an example - but if something is not working, a master audio module may be missing.

Also, you may have more luck here MLmodules@gmail.com

Since it involves a non-free closed source module.

Thank you. I’ll reach out to them.

As to the Master Audio - everything is working just fine in my patch except that the read memory jacks on the Quantum Multiverse module are not responding to switches.

The folks from ML got back to me. I forgot to patch the clock into the In on the switch as well as the up.

Always feel so silly after there posts :slight_smile: