Quantizer for Extended Chords

Looking forward to the quantizer and the Linear Beats module.

It’s a dominant chord, not a minor chord. Sharp 9 is a minor third, not the same as a major 3rd. And while Hendrix did use a dominant #9 chord in Purple Haze, he did not use this particular voicing. I say this all with utmost love and respect!

Here you can see that he plays the E7(#9) in first position:

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Yep. I got that the wrong way round, thanks for correcting. I suppose the important point is it contains the 7th, and both the minor and major 3rd. I’m terrible at theory!

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My “Visualizer” module, currently in test, can identify these kinds of chords and tell you what they are, along with some music notation. Might be useful for learning more about this stuff….

Also, thinking about it, people who are interested in this kind of stuff might be interested in my “Harmony II”. It can generate stacked triads (including 7th and 9th chords), but its “secret sauce” is that you tell it what key your are in and it will pick the major or minor triads that are in the key you select. Obviously not at all the same thing as a multi-octave quantizer, but possibly of interest.