Quantised Quantisisors

Hello, wonder what are the best and recommendable quantises out there? Possibly scale quantity.

i usually use jw quant if i just want a specific scale or repelwin’s if i want to jam in particular notes. Need to look at Intruo’s it looks fun, but probably needs some dedicated time to figure out how to use properly. Also saw people using vcv’s in videos and might need to check that out too.

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I like the XOR one, it has lots of interesting scales.

I have been playing with the Instruo one lately as well.

Nysthi’s scala one is worth a mention.

If you like to try a scale different from the western one you can use nysthi scala or vcv scalar. it’s a new universe to explore

If you want a small quantizer with 3 integrated sample and hold take a look to my HoldMeTight … though I’ll probably “evolve” it to a quantizer+2 integrated sample and hold+2 attenuverters.

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Frozen Wasteland Probably Note family are beyond simply quantizers, they’re creative tools.

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My decision tree:

Just a scale? → JW Modules Quantizer

Programmable? (turn notes on/off via another random source) → ML Modules Quantum

Programmable? (different chords/scales in a sequencable style) → Repelzen Re-Win

Chord Generator? → Instruo Hamonaig

These are my bread & butter quantizers and I never use microtonal / nonwestern scales, but there are a lot of interesting quantizers out there for that. Oh actually there is the slime child audio quantizer I used as well. It works best with the substation sub-oscillator as the just intonation setting is perfect for the subharmonics of that VCO.

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Yes, that’s why the original Moog, (and my free VCV module) include a just intonation quantizer.