Python scripted generative Plugin? Looking for feedback, collaborators

(David) #21

Interesting idea, and thanks for pointing out Lua. Seems like it really shines when it comes to ease of embedding, which is known to be a nightmare with Python.

I never paid much attention to Lua as a language, and looking at examples a lot of stuff feels quite weird. This is by no means objective of course, as I work with Python almost every day, and don’t recognise it’s quirks any more. This said, I’ve done generative music in Python, and it was an extremely smooth experience, especially due to things like generators, the random package and the vast landscape of libraries. I’d love to convince a few people to give it a try, as most seem to consider it exotic.

Given the feedback and alternatives in this thread so for, I probably won’t follow up on the original idea. If I’m to start a module of my own, it would probably be a fork of TrowaSoft’s OSC module, which provides a reasonably smooth bridge to Python so far.

(JerrySV) #22

didn’t see this before, but I released a module about 4 months ago that uses duktape to embed javascript into a prototyping tool, with inputs, outputs, etc:

it’s not fast, and not something I’d recommend other than to play with, but I figured I’d at least mention it.

(Paulagostinelli) #23

I just found out yesterday there was a forum (and more importantly this dev subforum) and I’m super happy this is the first thing I see!

I’m python… capable (I’m a grunt in the film business by trade and code for pleasure and pain but it’s my main language and i’ve been using it for about 12 years now)

this is one of the first things i wanted to try doing so i can’t wait to mess with it

I first got the idea in a more concrete sense when I saw this:

so hello forum, glad this is a thing that exists

(David) #24

@paulagostinelli Unfortunately you are probably the first one on the forum (besides me) who finds the idea exciting. In the light of the feedback I most likely won’t build that module. But you’ll find some nice workarounds for connecting Python to rack in this thread. Using Python to send MIDI is an alternative, too, if you don’t need a back-channel (from rack to Python).