Purr Software's Meander Module

So, does anyone know what the “spacing” argument should be set to and what it means when developers use a negative spacing such as -1 or -2? Or 0.0 ?

My guess is that -1 moves the character one point closer together from the default for that font? And 0 gives you the default? I’ve never set it myself, I think I assumed that the vcv context you get already has 0 set in it?

That’s what I imagine. Without definitions, what we imagine may be correct or may be incorrect. The function does what it does. It always bugs me when functions are ill-defined.

If you are interested in trying out or using the Meander harmonic (chords) progression custom preset creation capability, I have uploaded a step by step description to the manual with an image of the panel and with corresponding text describing the 8 steps.


Here is my latest music, entitled “Meander Meander”. This is in Phrygian D and makes use of four FM-OP’s only for voices. This uses Meander’s octal radix control for melody degree sequencing.


Here is my latest classical work, “Meander Chamber Orchestra-1” in Dorian D. Performed with 12 HOST instances playing BBC Symphony Orchestra orchestrated for chamber orchestra.


Here is my latest song, “The Meander 3-Step” with a I-IV-V Markov chain in Am. As usual, this is a generative piece with Meander composing, conducting and performing the 12 tracks. I explored the use of Meander’s fBm noise output with S&H and quantized to the Meander Am pentatonic scale for a melodic line as well as a bass line with OCT sequencing… I automated the fBM “octave” and “period” via CV with time. This is like a 3rd order “drunken walk”. There is also an octave wandering root note drone

Voices are FM-OP, Organ Three and VCV Drums, sequenced via the Meander clocked trigger outputs.

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And you could still read the time :wink:

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Wait… what?! That module is not in the patch. I actually used the Count Modula FADE module for recording control and time display… but that cannot be read :wink:

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