Purf patches

Here’s a snippet from a yesterday’s sketch; pretty much the old triggering of random notes at different intervals with sprinkles on top. There’s a realization in here, though. I really need to figure out ways to - at the same time - let the rules and systems do the composing - because, great job there, VCV, from 0:30-0:45 - AND be able to have such a harmonic progression resolve to a needed chord. Ah, well.


Splendide Urs, as always :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently I’ve been patching way too much with a mindset of trying to sound like xy and that really didn’t get me anywhere. Today however, after waking up weirdly early - it’s Sunday, I’m home alone, what? - I started making this by more doing just what feels right and whereever VCV leads me :slight_smile:

I’m not yet ready to commit on using the other Host module for some actual, manual piano playing but this’ll come, eventually, maybe, hopefully. Patch notes:

A sequence of four piano (block) chords, played by the NOIRE library with a long attack goes into JONI, from there into both a pitched down Clouds and Rings, the latter “controlled” by the Grid Seq. Oh, and for good measure and why not Rings gets processed by Southpoles Smoke, which is a module I wanted to try out. The old XFX Wave/Sangster combo for a low bass drone and Grain Engine slowly crunches through a recording of assorted sounds of a piano’s mechanics.


Très beau, Urs :slightly_smiling_face:

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New version. Same, but different. Spent a good part of the weekend listening to and playing with those endless, lush pad sounds from texture synths going into texture synths. Fun times!


Magnifique, Urs :slightly_smiling_face:

This is so good, so much talent! I need to dive in to your tunes more.