Purf patches

Quick screengrab. Been tinkering with this all morning, exploring the (newly bought!) Valhalla Delay and more ways to place stuff outside of a clock’s grid.



Sounds wonderful, a truly beautiful sound! Thanks for sharing!

I had recently tinkered with the new modules from @AlliewayAudio, here’s a bit of a greatly unrehearsed ~song performance of what the patch ended up becoming.

some patch notes:

  • FM-OP goes through KOAN, where I can mix in a pitched-up CLOUDified version of the same voice.
  • FM-OP sequence comes from a) the Euclidian Sequencer plus its CV expander* and b) from Bumper plus fast Random Gates, two XFADEs to crossfade between the respective CV and gates (*the 6th note is on its own sequence via stoermelder’s CV-MAP)

Glass Pane & Wasp


Keeping Glass Pane, introducing Opulus (to me, that is). Another premiere here is Bogaudio’s Assign and that I’ve understood why Fate has two outputs!

In case that’s of interest, some midi controller’s knobs for ● red Bernoulli Gate for the density of the plucky voice from Opulus I, blue Bernoulli Gate to mute triggers for the sustained voice from Opulus II ● XFade between a HP/platereverbed version of plucky voice, another knob for the filter ● Fate’s depth ● the fade to Dmaj on Mother ● modulation depth on Julste (not used)



A wee one with Path Set


was recording the endangered sound of using a pencil to fix spilled cassette tape, out of habit through VCV/Simpliciter, and… one thing led to another. Untamed Resonator, which I seem to have broken in the process, for some extra Musique Concrète :wink:


a short excursion into beats and possible (maybe literal) songs, with a hefty helping hand by Omri’s recent video. Also, playing that chord progression over and over on the piano without being able to do something else with my occupied hands made me finally get the Entrian collection :wink:


I don’t think this qualifies for === vcp challenge #71: docb === but here’s a snapshot of what happened along the way. As often in my VCV journeys, a shoutout to previously neglected modules: Vult’s Disjoint & SquinkyLabs’ Shaper


it’s hard to see, but did you use any docb modules?

4th module 2nd row appears to be the pad sequencer…

In the 2nd row toward the left I see 4 docB modules:

  • PWM Clock
  • M851
  • Chords
  • PAD (?)

What Dave wrote. Main clock and chord creation/sequencing.

seems enough to include it in the challenge. it’s not like we have too many submissions…

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When comments lead to experiments. More often than not fruitful stuff:)

Not a Risset rhythm but.


I like it, pretty please is the patch available for others to play around with?! Go on, go on! Much appreciated.

It’s a mess, beware :wink: Things to know and/or play with: Leftmost Knobs with the Switch for performance fun with the frequency of the Shepard Gen. The other Knobs set parameters for the Bell Curve. Upper are best untouched, the lower one adjusts the curve’s width, best kept at really low voltage. BPM and acc-/deceleration come from the Offset module between the Mutes and the upper Scope, but not synced to the hihat-sound.

Thanks see what I can get out of it, ‘Upper are best untouched’ now you’ve done it. Alsorts of mayhem will ensue!

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