Pulse matrix

Pulse matrix of vcv is a cool module. It would be more cool if it had way to save presets onmodule.

do you mean something other than this?

Use 8face mk2


well, that might be the cool kid way to do it, but if the base system already has a preset system, sometimes that might be worth using?


Ill check it out!

Was thinkin onboard so I avoid those three clicks hehe but thatll do too. Will check the other thing too.

Thanks lads

The advantage of using 8Face, is it gives you mappable buttons to select presets, and it can aggregate multiple module presets under a single button, so you can - as I do - change sequencer pattern, quantizer settings, and clock divisors with one MIDI-mappable click.

Having to right click on the module and find the preset load/save thing is fine for saving things you’ll want to reload on other patches, but if you’re performing live with a patch, navigating the context menu to load or save a prefix is painful.

Any module - like @almostEric’s Quad Algorithmic Rhythm – can, and probable should have an internal preset system, if the data in it is anything you want to save and retrieve easily. For reasons that I don’t entirely understand, QAR doesn’t save and restore presets via @stoermelder 8Face. It has something to do with it having internal state that isn’t part of the advertised preset parameters.

But you can save presets in QAR and 8Face CAN retrieve the snapshot via the internal preset saved under the preset buttons. If that makes sense. In other words if you use QARs internal preset manager, 8Face will retrieve the preset correctly if you save the state with the right internal preset.


yeah, I’m not saying your way isn’t better. Just reponding to the original post “why isn’t this possible” when it is, in fact, possible with every single VCV plugin by virtue of the feature that VCV provides “out of the box”.

Thats exactly what I need, and for the right purpose.

Also thank you Squinky for your help and reply.

Appreciate it.

Just checked on 8Face user manual and can say module is pretty dope. Didnt know something like this can actually work in VCV. :raised_hands: brilliant!

Thanks man once again, pretty helpful community this is

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that doesn’t seem correct, since QAR works fine with VCV’s own preset system.

8Face is a hack. A very sweet hack.

I don’t know what’s up with 8Face and Probably Note. There’s some loss of state with 8face. It may be a Stoermelder issue. You’d think you could ask for the preset json and store it. Then restore the Plugin state from the saved json. In a perfect world.

Yeah, so ove tried 8face but it turns out it doesnt have smooth transition between presets. Rather loss of sound and unnatural change. Cant work like this

I use 8face for sequencers & Quantizers mostly. Check out Transit for smooth crossfades of presets.

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Transit ia another module for preset croasing?

The manual is great too vcvrack-packone/Transit.md at v1 · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub


Thanks you