Psychedelic December archived

I’ve mentioned this before but I feel it merits it’s own topic:
In December of last year I did a series of streams on my channel with a Psychedelic theme. Typically I start each stream with an empty rack and build a new patch which, at the end, is wrecked.
I’ve finally got the whole thing archived on my Youtube channel here:

Most of the streams are somewhat unedited so I’ve included a link in each description to the point when sound starts, though more music develops later.
I hope this is of some use.


I tried, really tried goddamnit, to make a kind of supercut of my Psychedelic December streams (on but I got too into it and made a video with lots of five second clips It just started to take too long. So I decided to be less ambitious and just slap together two minute selections from each video.
The i started to get weird about it. I ended up rendering the video about four times (taking an hour each) and then listen through it each time. So, yeah, here it is:

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Some cool stuff in there :slight_smile:


The shill worked on me. I am following now. Awesome stuff!!! thx thx thx

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