Hi everyone,

I’d simply like to pick your brains about modules (especially sequencers/switches) that offers the pseudo-random option for selecting steps.

One module which offers this possibility is Stoermelder’s 8FACE (by opening the context menu > Port SLOT mode). This mode means that each trigger sent to the module would select a different step/slot but will never select the same step/slot twice in a row.


Now my question for you all is : are there other modules which has this pseudo-random feature? 8FACE is great, gets the job done for me usually, but I’d just like to know if there’s any other options out there. I’ve seen a couple plugins where a random step selection was available, but in this case I don’t want to go full random because there’s the possibility that the same step might get selected multiple times in a row and I’m looking to avoid that :slight_smile:


You could get a lot more fine control with Sckitam’s MarkovSeq (VCV Library - Sckitam MarkovSeq); if you just set the self probabilities to 0, it would never select the same step twice in row, but in addition you could weight the other options however you like.


This is perfect! I’ll be putting it to use real soon :+1: