Proteus from Seaside Modular: A new generative sequencer

I second this. That is probably my least favorite thing when Proteus makes a wild octave shift. For many of my sequencer works, I limit the range to 1 octave or 1V, depending on what the sequencer allows.

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Yeah. I have the same gripe/problem with my Qu-Bit Bloom sequencer, which drastically lowers the utility of mutations, which is a real shame.

First tiny play around with it…

It reminds me somewhat of Marbles but even better for melody generation.


What’s better than one melody generator? Two of course :slight_smile:


Will be trivial to add new scales with any subset of the 12 western notes. I have some ideas of how to get it to do other things as well, so we’ll see. Thanks for pointing me to Meander, looks really interesting!


These are great suggestions, thank you!


Meander is extraordinary and pairing Proteus with Meander is the very first thing I plan to do once I learn it. @k-chaffin has some lovely demos in the Meander development thread if you read down.


I popped into Rack this morning to give this module a quick spin. It’s been three hours now.

A wonderful addition to the library - an instant favourite. Great work @abluenautilus. I look forward to more of your creations.

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Also, specifically, It’s greatly appreciated to have a reset designed to work with Impromptu Clocked. Most sequencers do, but Bidoo’s sequencers can get thrown off by the reset signal somehow. Clocked is kind of the defacto master time module, so any sequencer that doesn’t work with it is a bit irritating.

I typically send my master reset signal to Clocked and fan it’s Reset out from Clocked to all other modules that have a reset input.

Reset, octave range control, and new scales are already in the latest code, will submit a new version soon with those and more.


Fantastic module, very intuitive and produces some really interesting sequences.

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