Progress crashes VST when reloading patch

Hi all,

I’ve run into a problem where a patch will work fine in the VST plugin (v2.0.6) in Bitwig, but when exiting and trying to reload the Bitwig project the plugin crashes upon launch and the patch is lost. The error Bitwig shows is “Plugin host died: Could not read async reply: End of stream”.

Through trial and error I tracked it down to Progress by Hampton Harmonics - if I remove that from the patch it works fine.

Any ideas what could be happening here, and how I could fix this?

Cheers B

Running as a VST is a new thing for VCV modules. It is not uncommon for them to crash. No saying that’s what this is, but if you think it is you might want to contact Hampton Harmonics.

Confirmed behavior. Issue logged with plugin developer to fix this.

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Same here using 2.0.6 and Bitwig on Ubuntu Studio. I have also noticed that Progress tends to lose the display of the chord names after closing then reopening the VST window.

Thanks everyone for bringing this up. I’ve been notified and I will work on getting this fixed at the beginning of this coming week.


Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. I’ve submitted a new release to my release issue for review. The new version should be published in the next few days. Thanks for your patience!