Problems with midi maping


I am experiencing some problems with midi keyboard mapping.

The keyboard works fine, but only the sliders and knobs seem to have an effect. Although the midi map module detects the movement of controls and maps the selected control to the module, there is no response afterwards.

I am using the Impact lx49 keyboard.

I used the same keyboard on a Mac and it worked fine. Now I’m using it on Windows and it does not.

I have also read through older posts that described a similar problem, but in the comments it said that the update had solved the problem.

I also looked up if I was missing some drivers. This was not the case.

If someone has any ideas on how to solve this, I would be very grateful.

Do you have the keyboard set in ‘preset’ mode? I find that the midi mapping on the Impact LX (I have a LX 25) keyboard don’t work when the keyboard is in ‘mix’ or ‘instrument’ mode.