Problems with BoagudioModules

Hi! I am developing some new plugins. In order to create a real environment to test them, I was trying to download some plugins. I have no problem with VCV ones and AudibleInstruments, but when trying with BogaudioModules I have problems. I downloaded it, but when running vcv rack, the BogaudioModules are’nt there, and it erase my own ones. I do exactly the same process for all the modules. Is anyone able to tell me what am I doing wrong or what should I do to do it right? How can I retrieve mines? Thank you so much!!!

It’s not exactly clear to me what the problem is from reading your post, but I will describe what I do when I’m developing my Rack plugin and want to use other plugins:

My “production” Rack folder (This is the latest release version of Rack that you download from, and has the plugin manager, etc): /Applications/Rack/

My “debugging/development” Rack folder: /development/Rack/

When I’m developing, I have all my source files in: /development/Rack/plugins/computerscare-vcv-modules/

If I want to use (for instance) Bogaudio, I make a symbolic link that points to the Bogaudio plugin in the release folder. If you know what that is, you probably know how to do it. If you don’t, then I think it should work if you just copy the entire Bogaudio folder from: /Applications/Rack/plugins/bogaudio and paste it to /development/Rack/plugins/bogaudio

Then, when you build & run Rack:

cd /development/Rack; make run;

The Bogaudio plugin should be available.

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I do something completely different. Where I develop plugins I build rack in c:/Rack. Then I clone all the source code of the plugins I want to use into c:/Rack/plugins and build them there. And of course do the same with my own. Then the ones I build show it when I run that version of rack with make run

Thank you very much for your time. In my case I don’t do it this way so it is hard for me to understand what you mean. Anyway if I dont find any solution, I will try it with your method.

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First of all, thanks for your time. I do it the same way, but when it is cloned in the plugins folder and I do the make run, it does not appear and it erases mines. (Mines that I were appearing before downloading BogaudioModules). I don’t understant…

Please provide a log.txt or the debug-output of Rack when starting with -d.

I used to do that but I got sick of figuring out the build process for every plugin. Also I usually want to use the latest released version, not the developer’s latest changes.

Dang, I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear enough. Maybe this is easier to understand?

  1. find your Rack user folder
  2. go to the plugins/ folder and copy the Bogaudio folder
  3. find the folder where you have cloned the Rack source code
  4. paste the Bogaudio folder into the plugins/ folder