PRISM Rainbow - causing crash

Anyone else having issues with Prism’s Rainbow?

It crashes Rack, even with an empty patch.

Please report the issue here: Issues · SteveRussell33/Prism · GitHub giving as much detail as possible.


Just tried loading it 15 times and nothing bad happened :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the issue post Peter.

I’ve had a pre-release build sitting around for a bit, could you try that one. Comment on the issue either way.

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I saw it when I posted the issue but as I said it’s intermittent so 2.3.3 is behaving now but I’ll install 2.3.4 and see what it does.

2.3.4 looks stable, but so did 2.3.3 after the crash.

I’ve made a couple more fixes, both for Rainbow and the Spectrum expander, that should add to general stability including a crash (I hope!) that I hadn’t had much luck with fixing. All seems good now. Probably going to make this a release to the library.

Thanks again for the help.

P.S. I’ve updated the builds on the release page.

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