Prism Rainbow 1.2 released

Version 1.2 is now available in the Library


  • Performance improvements with a 25%-45% reduction in CPU load. The major improvement comes with the new 48Khz sampling mode that is the default setting. The old mode 96Khz mode can be access through the context menu.
  • Add lights to show input mode for Poly In.
  • Tweaks to UI. The background is darker (hopefully avoiding chromakey problems when recording) and the labels are brighter to increase readability. Some small updates to the design (thanks Coirt!)


  • Fix Bohlen Pierce scale definition
  • Fix V/Oct input for 246 mode
  • Mitigate overflow in motion_rotate which caused the rotation to skip back with high rotation rates and morph engaged
  • Fix scale repeats for non-octave scales (e.g. Bohlen Pierce, Alpha and Gamma scales)

Yay, definately better, thanks John!