Prism Rainbow 1.0.2

Rainbow 1.0.2 is out now in the Library

  • The clipping problem is resolved. The output can get loud, particularly if the dominant input frequency coincides with the filter tuning. Using a compressor such as Pressor from Bogaudio work well to bring this under control.
  • The Level and Q CV inputs have been split into into separate global and per-channel inputs.
  • An indicator has been added to show the current channel level and the previous level LED is now used to show the channel Q value
  • The level and Q controls and CV work in a more standard way
  • The Left and Right UI labels are back to Odd and Even, as they should be.

Good job John, Prism is my goto since its release, although useable with Q kept at a minimum these improvements are going to unleash a real beast. Nice one.