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Hi, can we please get a better formatting enabled when writing a post?

Some other forums that i vist that use this same forum software make it easier and tidier to write a post text.

ie: when hitting enter, it simply creates a new line.

At this forum hitting enter once doesn’t create a new line and keeps all text on the same line.

Where as when we hit enter twice it creates a new line but with too much empty space in between the lines.

I noticed some people don’t even bother to use a new line because of this, which makes their post as one big giant breath of text.


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I know it is probably not a true solution but if you add two spaces to the end of a line
and then enter
it does not ignore a single enter

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hi thanks, i know, that is what i mentioned in my text.

But that creates a useless undesired empty line as well! :wink:

ah sorry, i read your post wrong.

ok it is a work around, but that shouldn’t be needed as a work around :slight_smile:

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I agree it could be a simpler system

Markdown is used for post formatting. See Learn markdown in Y Minutes for learning Markdown.

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Hi Andrew, thanks.
Isn’t markdown more for text formatting?

I am talking about how the field itself handles the text, which is either a forum option or a forum plugin.

As i mentioned in other forums using the same software i don’t have to do anything different or use any markdown.

I much prefer using markdown to using a ribbon of buttons for formatting. It’s much faster when you get used to it.


Hi David, maybe i have used a wrong phrasing in my original post, i don’t know.
But i really don’t mean explicit text formatting. Nor adding or using any tools for writing plane text.

I just noticed that at this forum when writing a post, in the textfield hitting enter doesn’t jump to a next line.
Which is very annoying.

Hitting enter 2 times will create a double line.

This behaviour is different from any other forum i visit currently, and should not be. As it seems more like a forum software setting.

I see what you mean.

I guess that’s what you get with markdown. :frowning:

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just for clarification:

‘text[enter]text’ creates ‘text text’

‘text[space][space][enter]text’ creates the desired


and ‘text[enter][enter]text’ creates



I can’t see any problem here (except that this could be annoying)


i just use SHIFT+Enter to get a new line :slight_smile:

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The “too much empty space” doesn’t come from hitting enter twice, or from the text field… at least, not exactly. When the site translates the markdown into HTML, the translator throws that blank line away and starts a new paragraph.

The “too much empty space” comes from the site’s style sheet. The style sheet says to put a “1 em” margin between the paragraphs. “1 em” means “as much space as a line of text.”

So… The translator throws away that blank line, but then the style sheet puts “as much space as a blank line” between paragraphs.

This could be changed by changing the style sheet to give paragraphs a smaller margin.

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