Possibly dumb questions about VCV Pro

Hi all,

I tried searching these questions but the searches came back with unrelated things. I currently use VCV Rack 2 but am considering Pro. A few questions I’m not entirely certain on–could anyone clarify? I’m working collaboratively and we’re trying to better understand workflow if I migrate to Pro and use it inside a DAW.

  1. Can we build a patch outside of a DAW and then run it inside the DAW, or does it have to originate inside the DAW?
  2. If we MIDI map inside a VCV patch, how does that translate if we access it inside a DAW…we use a lot of MIDI mapping…so we’re unsure how our workflow will go if we migrate to a DAW.
  3. We need to do multitrack recording for post-processing (mastering). Inside VCV we have use MindMeld mixer and Aux (sends). We’d like to recreate those sends (e.g., reverb) inside the DAW. Could we add a send e.g., in Ableton, and load a VCV Fx VST with that send effect/preset and essentially recreate the same effect? And, is there any way during a recording to record the parameter changes, e.g., changes in send levels or module parms?

Sorry for the dumb questions…but we’re just trying to figure out how to do stuff!


Yes to all of these basically.

  1. You may have to change the audio outs, but the VST will load patches made with the standalone version.

  2. Just use the MIDI>CV module, this should get whatever you map in your DAW into VCV.

  3. Yes, you can do this too. Here’s the dialogue I get when I insert a VSTi onto a new track in Reaper and select VCV:

I usually just go for stereo outs, but this gives you 8 stereo channels if you want (it’s always an option to use more VCV VSTi’s on additional tracks). You’ll have to use the Audio 16 in the patch to access the extra outputs, here you can see WT VCOs connected to the left channel of the first three stereo tracks in Reaper:

If you wanted to use Mindmeld, you could take a poly out and run into a split like this: (I would probably just mix it in the DAW though tbh)

Have fun!



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In standalone you can use “midi loopback” as driver in the midi modules. The midi modules have no “loopback” in the Rack 2 plugin version (I only use vst3).

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Wow–thank you so much for your excellent and very clear responses! VERY helpful!! You even answered a question I forgot to ask–if we could have more than one instance of VCV VSTi (assuming it doesn’t “blow up” the computer haha).

Thanks again!

Ah–I see–had not considered that! Thanks!!