Possible to select module from list instead of images?

I’ve seen youtube videos where people are selecting modules from a list instead of pictures. I have a small screen and cannot see the pictures well enough. Possible to still select from a text list? How? Many thanks in advance

How old are these videos? My guess is that those are older versions of rack, I’ve never seen it on recent videos with V1.

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It was replaced with the thumbnail browser, but you might find this module useful to browse by name only:


That’s great. I hear so many complaints about the browser. Perfect solution, make your own!

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on my new mbp the new module browser causes things to warm up quick and my fan kicks on almost right away. that was the last straw that pushed me to order an eGPU.

this thing rocks

I will try it, I don’t have any issues with the images, just I not like, too many scroll (I don’t know how the people who have all the modules do)

i usually know what exact modules i want (or at least what plugin) so i never need to do much scrolling :slight_smile:

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great, my litte tags is not for you then ! :grinning:

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Fantastic. Thanks!