Possible to Remove Module Outline?

I notice that even if I use a completely empty SVG panel graphic, there is still a slight grey outline drawn around the bounds of the module (screenshot below). Is is possible to override this behavior? I would like to have a module drawn without this grey outline.

I am setting the panel in my ModuleWidget constructor like this:
setPanel(SVG::load(assetPlugin(plugin, "res/TotallyEmptyPanel.svg")));

Not sure if this is the best way or not, but you could simply make your own SVGPanel very similar to the one in src/app/SVGPanel.cpp (class declaration in include/app.hpp), and remove the border.
EDIT: if you are coding for Rack 1.0, see instead: src/app/SvgPanel.cpp and include/app/SvgPanel.hpp


This worked - thank you!

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