Possible to diable audio at startup?


I have a patch crashing Rack at startup. I think it’s too CPU-hungry. I want to modify it but it crashes Rack before I can do anything upon relaunch. So I need a way to disable the audio at startup.

Thank you for helping.

The cause is probably a faulty module rather than CPU load. You could edit the .VCV file in a text editor to remove the audio output device to achieve that, and if it doesn’t help, that method can let you selectively remove modules and figure out the cause of the crash.

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Thanks for the advice. But where do I find the patch saved automatically by Rack (I had no time to save and name it before crash)?

In Windows, autosave file is located in the documents folder on the C disk. More precisely, documents/rack/


On linux it’s ~/.rack/autosave.vcv

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