Possible Bogaudio DADSR(H) Bug?

Hello, I’m relatively new to VCV and synthesis in general so bear with me here. I was just wondering if I had found a bug in the DADSR(H) module or is it something I am doing wrong. I’m trying to learn how to wire true monophonic (retriggering envelope) with every notepress regardless if a note is still being held and legato (no retrigger until no notes are held).

For some reason the Bogaudio module would act the same way (legato), even when I had it wired to the retrigger output (VCV MIDI-CV) module and set to “retrigger mode” on the envelope. After I re-initialized the envelope module, (and lost my settings), everything was fine. Worked as it should. While it was “broken”, I had tested my patch with VCV ADSR and that module worked as it should. It was Bogaudios module that was problematic.

This has happened more than once with this module. Anyone else experience this issue? I don’t know what I did to break it, so I would not know how to recreate the issue. I was testing different filters, (zzzorb, Vult, surge, blamsoft, BGA), and changing the polyphony mode in VCV MIDI-CV (Reset, Reuse, Rotate). It was just a basic patch consisting of one BGA oscillator w/BGA envelope and VCA, and a filter w/Baudio envelope.