Porting Valley plugins to v2

Hi All,

I’m super new here, and have been excited to see the v2 beta plugin work that’s been going on. This afternoon I played around with trying to get the Valley plugins to compile for Rack v2. I was able to get something working, but of course, it’s probably more of a hack job than a correct job.

Anyone else done this? I looked around and didn’t see any active forks.

I don’t think there’s been any word on Valley for V2 yet.

Did it take much work to get it to compile?

Did you contact the developer?

Not yet. Just fooling around here. I’ll see if I can do that now.

Okay, I sent an email to the developer. Will see what he says. :slight_smile:

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You raise a good point and I’m interested what the ‘rules’ around this are for software that is open source.

I guess from a legal perspective, anyone can fork and modify an open source repo without explicit permission from the developer as long as they honour the license.

But morally it seems right to contact the developer first.


Okay, I’ll wait for developer contact. Thanks guys.


It’s a courtesy to contact the developer. It can demonstrate some appreciation for the previous work that was done.

Practically, it’s likely the developer has the most intimate knowledge of the code. They might already be in the process of migration. There might be issues they are aware of. They might just need a little time to get things done.

Or they might have some advice that would help anyone attempting the migration.

Or maybe they just can’t, or don’t want to, spend time on it right now.

But contacting them is the first thing I try.


Oh, and for anyone trying my naive branch above, of course it’s not stable. As I wait for contact with the developer, I may tinker and try to understand why it crashes, and improve things, but I am NOT the developer, and am just learning how all of this is put together.

@valley.audio wrote a PhD thesis on Reverberation, hence Plateau’s following. Wait for him please, as he is considering porting them already


Will do, I’ll remove my fork, as it’s more of a kindergarten attempt. Not worthy.

But kudos to you for stepping up and giving it a whirl.

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I think it’s his PhD thesis, but who’s counting :stuck_out_tongue:



so right you are, corrected… :blush:


Hello all,

I thought I’d chime in and update you where I am up to with my plugins for Rack and v2.

Development has slowed greatly lately due to other commitments, general burnout from programming for a living as well as due to the “unique” time we have all experienced this past year and a half (it has definitely caused a lot stress in my personal life, but I know I am not alone in that situation).

This isn’t to say I have abandoned my plugins, far from it actually. It is nice to see people anxious to see them ported to v2 and having a go at compiling them. I am actually in the process of porting to v2, though it will take a small amount of time due to (again) other commitments taking a higher priority.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well :slight_smile:

Cheers! Dale


Okay, Valley is working on v2, albeit not fully tested and the graphics are “outdated”. I have not had chance to make a release version for you to simply download, so you will have to clone and build this repo for now.


Legend! Thanks!

PSA everyone! It’s okay, you can use Rack 2 now. Plateau is back! :stuck_out_tongue:


Best. Reverb. Ever!

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Excellent! My v1 template almost loads in v2 now without much missing (still Chronoblob and a few bits and bobs missing), but the bulk is now functional on v2! Good times! And yes, ‘Best. Reverb. Ever!’ indeed!

Thanks for the v2 version. And thanks for this fix: Correct output saturation and clipping in Plateau · ValleyAudio/ValleyRackFree@4605991 · GitHub

To think (if reading repo history correctly) that bug has been around for 5 months…

And the module still sounds amazing; that’s how really good it is.

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